Digital Forensics Challenge 2018 Workshop

November 27, 2018
EL Tower sportime Melon Hall, 213, Gangnam-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea


Session 1

Chair: Taeshik Shon (Ajou University)

  • Keynote Address : Bright and dark side of Digital forensics and challenges 10:00 AM

    Kibom Kim (National Security Research Institute)

  • Study on the Windows Search Database 10:30 AM

    Jeonghyeon Kim (Moai, the third place in Tech Contest)

  • Forensic Analysis for IoT Fitness Trackers and its Application 11:00 AM

    Serim Kang (DFNC304, the second place in Tech Contest)

  • Digital forensic analysis of encrypted database files in instant messaging applications on Windows operating systems 11:30 AM

    Jusop Choi (Jusopchoi1992, the first place in Tech Contest)

Free lunch (12:00 ~ 13:30)

Session 2

Chair: Changhoon Lee (Seoul National University of Science & Technology)

  • Opening ceremony 1:30 PM

    Sangjin Lee (Korea University)
    Manpyo Hong (Korea Institute of Information Security & Cryptology)

  • Awards ceremony 1:40 PM
  • Digital forensics challenge - Internet of Things, Incident Response 1:50 PM

    Hyunho Cho (Under_FSI, the winner in Digital Forensics Challenge 2018)

Break (14:30 ~ 14:45)

Session 3

Chair: Jinkook Kim (Plainbit Co., Ltd.)

  • Digital forensics challenge - Volume 2:45 PM

    Ricci Ieong (RKIC, the first place in the foreigner team and third place in Digital Forensics Challenge 2018)

  • Digital forensics challenge - Artifacts 3:05 PM

    Kiyoung Sim (foreng2, the second place in Digital Forensics Challenge 2018)

  • Digital forensics challenge - Anti Forensics 3:25 PM

    Byeol Lee (SS, the third place in the domestic team and fourth place in Digital Forensics Challenge 2018)

Break (15:45 ~ 16:00)

Session 4

Chair: Sangjin Lee (Korea University)

  • Social Network Analysis for Digital Forensics 4:00 PM

    Paul Kim (HancomGMD)

  • DFC 2018 Review & DFC 2019 Planning 4:40 PM

    Doowon Jeong (Korea University)

  • Closing ceremony 4:55 PM