Digital Forensics Challenge 2021 Winners

Digital Forensics Challenge 2021

The Winner : DogeCoin

Total score 5520

The Second : K2YPLJ

Total score 5138

The Third : InfoWarrior404

Total score 5114

The Fourth : HM

Total score 4978

The Fifth : K-Forensics

Total score 3908

The Winner (International) : 4n6ist

Total score 3320

The Second (International) : bi0s

Total score 2156


The Winner : SIMBOX Killer

A Study on Forensic Methods of the VoIP Gateways and Development of Automation Tool

The Second : OnlyUs

Image Retrieval-based Video Forensics Research

The Third : HMT

크롬 브라우저 분석을 활용한 이동경로 분석 도구