Tech Contest

Tech Contest - Artifact Challenge

The object of this contest is to seek new artifact analysis tools, to enhance existing artifact analysis tools, or to report errors related to existing tools. Proceeding to the final goal of identifying new opportunities to help investigators discover clues to solve real cases.

There are no specific restrictions on team composition, and participations is possible under the name of a company or organization.
Participants must submit source code and binaries with report. (Report is free form) 

Participants of this contest must submit an abstract until July 31, 2023.
The due date for the final submission is September 30, 2023.

Final submission will be evaluated based on impact, difficulty, completeness, etc.


The total prize money is ₩10,000,000 and it will be distributed differentially based on grades.
(+ transportation fee for 2 people of international team when participating in the DFRF workshop.)

Note, the winning teams have an obligation to present at the DFRF workshop.

Report submission

Send email to with the subject line “[team name] Tech Contest Report” after registration.
(You can write report in English or Korean)