Tech Contest

Tech Contest

Final Report Submission deadline: 14th October 2022 KST

This project is looking for previously unpublished forensic techniques. The goal is to identify new opportunities to help investigators discover clues to solve real cases. All submissions must include a detailed response that explains the type of information stored and how it can be reproduced.

Major topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Digital profiling
  • Image classification using AI
  • Virtual machine forensics
  • SSD analysis
  • Portable OS artifacts
  • Bootable USB forensics
  • Tracking cryptocurrency accounts
  • Analysis of remote control apps
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Analysis of biometric information apps
  • Ransomware
  • Cloud forensics
  • Darkweb forensics
  • Analysis of collaboration and video meeting apps
  • IoT forensics
  • IVI(In-Vehicle Infotainment) system forensics
  • Bad USB detection
  • BIOS/UEFI forensics
  • Full wiping countermeasure
  • FDE(Full Disk Encryption) countermeasure
  • FBE(File Based Encryption) countermeasure
  • Secure messengers
  • Vulnerability of authentication and authorization for smart devices using Bio-features

You can write in a free report form. A participant of this contest must submit abstract until July 31, 2022. The due date for the final report is September 30, 2022. It will be evaluated based on practicality for forensic investigations, newsworthiness, and overall business impact. (If you submit your own developed tools that analyze proposed artifact, you’ll have additional scores.)


For Korean team, the winner will receive ₩5,000,000, the 2nd place will receive ₩2,000,000.
For International team, the winner will receive ₩2,000,000 and transportation fee for 2 people when participating in the DFRF workshop.
Note, the winning teams have an obligation to present at the DFRF workshop.

Report submission

Send email to with the subject line “[team name] Tech Contest Report” after registration.
(You can write report in English or Korean)